Donate laptops to the elderly

The Christian Chinese Library run the free "Building Digital Skill Program" mainly to help Chinese over the age of 50 to master the use of its digital tools, such as mobile phones, tablet , and laptops, so that they have confidence to increase his knowledge about digital media and to maintain social contact with his relatives and friends.

The content of "Building Digital Skill Program" is provided by Be Connected Network. There are 23 units in total. Each unit has different sub-topics. The videos of each subtopic are taught in English. The handouts are available in English, traditional and simplified Chinese versions. If students do not understand English, they can read their handouts. Students can choose the topics they want to learn at their own will.

"Building Digital Skill Program" is an outreach evangelical ministry. The IT Digital Mentors and team leaders invited by the library are all caring Christians. Their responsibility is to help the participants review the topics of each lesson, and also to answer any religious problems encountered by the students.

Some elders cannot take this course because they do not have a tablet or laptop. Therefore, the library calls on some people to donate second-hand lithographic computers or laptops so that the library can give them to those elderly people.

Donated computer collection point


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