Library Service

Library services (to become a Christian resource centre)

  • loan Chinese and English Christian books for free
  • Free Christian DVD (sermons, Christian music, gospel Cantonese opera and gospel movies) for free
  • Browse Bible dictionaries, Bible maps, etc. (reading in Library only)
  • Provide directories of Churches , Christian organizations, Christian schools and Christin Business in Australia
  • Publicize public events and gatherings held by Churches and Christian organizations in Australia
  • Provide evangelical audiovisual websites and links
  • Provide venues for Christian organizations and individual Christians to borrow meetings
  • Free bible and old Christian books
  • Free evangelism pamphlets and leaflets
  • Provide different platforms for more volunteers to participate and serve God together

Library information - allowing you to go through the writers’ spiritual worlds

At present, the library has about 10,000 Christian books in the online catalog, which are arranged according to the following categories. Readers can search the catalog online or inquire at the library.

Bible Study

Introduction to Old and New Testaments, hermeneutics, small group bible study and bible commentaries for all 66 books.

Theological Study

Theological theories, life of theologians

Mission Study

Mission studies, missionary testimonies, church history, folklore religions, apologetics

Church Study

Church management, fellowship ministry, training ministry, sacred music and worship, sermons and evangelism.


Devotional, prayer, discussion on religion.

Testimony and Biography

Christian testimonies, biography of God's servants

Literature and Art

Christian literature, Christian art

Contemporary Ethics

Social ethics, personal ethics

Interpersonal Relationship

Interpersonal relationship, parent-child relationship, marital relationship

Pastoral Counselling

Pastoral Studies, Counselling

Network information – selected gospel channel … to save your searching time.

Network shepherding is to use information technology as a tool to evangelize and provide pastoral care by writing Chinese articles and network messages on the internet. The Library’s mission is to collate evangelistic information for the perusal of the readers, to save their time on researching.

  1. Website (

Online Preaching (Classification)

Sermons by the pastor

Online Preaching (Pastors)

Sermons by the pastor

Channel of Bible speed reading

Speed reading of the Old and New testaments (in Mandarin, Cantonese, English)

Sharing Good Books

Sharing good Christian books

Biblical Geography and Culture

Geography and Culture in the Old and New Testaments, Contemporary Museum Archaeology

Channel of Christian Testimony

Christians’ testimonies

Directory of churches in Australia

Directory of churches in Australia

Directory of Christian organizations in Australia

Directory of Christian organizations in Australia

Directory of Christian schools in Australia

Directory of Christian schools in Australia

Directory of Christian business in Australia

Directory of Christian business in Australia

Extension courses in Australia and overseas

Public talks organized in Australia, and on-line courses organized in Australia and other places

  1. Youtube (基督教華人圖書館)

Library Introduction

Introduction of Christian Chinese Library

Evangelical Channel

Recommend comprehensive high-quality audio and video in line with the truth of the gospel. The content includes leading families and individuals to understand the salvation of Christ, making disciples, and how to equip servant leaders with biblical truths and Christ-centered principles in spirituality, academics, service, and life. Serving churches and institutions.

  1. Facebook (基督教華人圖書館)

Library Introduction

Introduction of the Christian Chinese Library

Good books recommended for reading

Good Christian books, articles, channels recommended

Church public events

Public events and meetings organized by Australian church and Christian organizations

  1. 每月電郵

Library News

Library ministry and intercession items, introduction of good books, introduction of new books

Church organization public activities

Public events, meetings, and online courses run by Australian church and Christian organizations

Library activities

Reading groups, pastoral groups, and online courses organized by the library.

Library Opening Hours








10am – 12pm







2pm - 5pm


7pm - 9pm


※ Currently only the morning session is open. If more volunteers serve as librarian, other sessions will be opened one after another.

※ If readers cannot come during the opening hours, they can call (02) 8924 5485, and the library will make special arrangements for you.

Library Contacts


(612) 8924 5485

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Pastor Zion Li