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The goal of the Chinese Christian Library is to become a "Christian Public Library" for 200 churches in Australia. In order to serve better for the Chinese community, believers and those aspiring to know God to learn about Christianity, the Chinese Christian Library has been contemplating the purchase of new properties for expansion. The ideal premises will comprise of a reading room and shared studio which can accommodate 30,000 books. This should be sufficient for the next 10 years.

This project is to be carried out in the "Faith Pledge Crowdfunding" format. We shall first invite the brothers and sisters in the Lord to offer some money by faith pledge . The library will wait for the total amount of Faith Pledge Crowdfunding amount to reach the target (about A$800,000 ) and when the library has found a suitable place for purchase, it will formally notify the pledgers to make a bank transfer.

We hope to invite 800 brothers and sisters in the Lord to participate. If each person will support A$1,000 or HK$6,000, the library can write a new page in the history of Australian Christianity.

At this stage, donors only need to fill in a "Faith Pledge Form" and don't need to offer for the time being. The form is only a pledge by faith and an expression of love and support. It is not a legal document and does not have any legal obligations.

For those who are touched by the Holy Spirit, just fill in the "Faith Pledge Form" and return to us in the following way:

For those who are moved, just fill in the " Faith Pledge Form " and convey it in the following way,

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By the grace of the Lord, I commit to God with a pledge to support the "library expansion" for serving the Australian Chinese as follows:

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