Shared Square

Provide shared space for other ministries

Chinese Christian Library understands that as many Christian institutions do not have a proper office, it is inconvenient to work and communicate with others. In addition, many small events could not be held because venues could not be hired, thus their ministries are suspended. In order to assist those who are willing to work for God to fulfill their mission, the Library is committed to providing a free "shared space" to small and medium-sized Christian institutions in need so that they can concentrate on their ministry service. These institutions can also make an offering according to their ability.

The purposes of Sharing Square

  • Provide small and medium-sized Christian institutions with space for operation
  • Provide believers who have dreams to work for God with working space

(1) as peace maker

(2) as earth watcher

(3) as pastoral author

(4) as compassionate carer

Preparations for the library expansion in 2021

Based on future needs, starting from 2021, we have begun to plan to expand the library, mainly to make the library as a "Christian Public Library" for 200 Chinese churches in Australia with collection of books to 30,000 copies provided to Chinese for free. Another reason is that many Australian citizens currently living in Hong Kong are planning to return to Australia. Demand for reading will inevitably increase, and different ministries will inevitably appear. Based on the concept of shared space, the expansion will provide more shared space for Christian ministry where everyone can experience God's guidance, ability, service and blessings

Faith Pledging Method

Target amount

A$800,000   (Around HK$5,000,000)


200 square meters


tax exemption

Any amount of A$2 or more donated to the Christian Chinese Library will be fully tax-exempted by the Australian Taxation Office

Hong Kong

tax exemption

Any amount of HK$100 or more donated to a Christian Chinese library will be fully exempt from tax exemption by the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department. The maximum limit is 35% of the assessable tax payable by the donor.

This project will be carried out in the form of "faith pledging ". We will invite the 800 potential donors to pledge a certain amount of money by faith. The library will wait with faith until the amount of donation reaches the target, which is A$800,000, and at the same time, we shall start looking for a suitable place and prepare to purchase, then we will formally notify the pledged donors to make a bank transfer. At this stage, pledgers only need to fill in a "Faith Pledge Form", and don't need to donate for the time being. The letter of undertaking is only a pledge of faith and an expression of love and support. It is not a legal document and does not have any legal obligations.

For those who are moved, please download the form, click the "Faith Pledge Form", complete it and click “submit”. If you have any enquiries, please contact Pastor Zion Li ( .