Book lending service by post

The postal service of delivering books is to provide readers with a convenient service of borrowing and returning books through parcel dispatch. Our Library staff will send the books that readers requested to the delivery address designated by the readers by mail. This service is especially designed for readers living in remote areas and those not available to visit the Library.

This service is usually for members only. Based on the idea of user pays, the user pays for the necessary mailing costs. Readers who have our library card and are willing to pay a small amount of delivery costs can save travel time, avoid the hassle of travelling, and enjoy reading at home.

The postal library service does not cover only New South Wales . It also extends to readers in remote areas such as Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, ACT, the Northern Territories, Western Australia and Tasmania, breaking the barriers of library servicing areas.

When the Library mails the requested book to the member’s address, and the member is only required to pay A$25 for local Australian postage (including sending and returning to the library). If no other person reserves the book, the member can renew the book for up to three months, and return the book on time for others to borrow.

Book borrowing procedures

  1. Search the website for the books you need to borrow
  2. Complete the "Book Borrowing Form"
  3. Then transfer money online or use a credit card to pay for the postage.
  4. Then email the completed "Booking Book Form" and "Payment Receipt" to the Library

Book Returning Procedure

  1. Put the returned books and a copy of the "Book Borrowing Form" in the enclosed self-addressed envelope
  2. the postage of envelope has been paid with a completed returned address
  3. The return address is
    Christian Chinese Library Ltd
    PO Box 245, Thornleigh, NSW 2120
  4. Then send the self-addressed envelope to the post office