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Code English Name Chinese Name Suburb
C00148 Brisbane Cantonese Christian Church 布里斯本粵語基督教會 Kedron
C00165 Christ's Family Church 基督教主家堂 Chandler
C00166 Gold Coast Chinese Christian Church 黃金海岸華人基督教會 Arundel
C00153 Logos Brisbane Chinese Christian Church 基督教恩道會布里斯本華人教會 Mackenzie
C00157 The Methodist Church in Australia, Eight Mile Plains 衛理公會福恩堂 Eight Mile Plains
C00149 Toowong Baptist Church 道旺浸信會 Toowong
C00154 Antioch Chinese Christian Church 基督教安提阿宣道會華語堂 Sunnybank
C00162 Bethlehem Chinese Lutheran Church Brisbane 澳洲信義會伯利恒堂 Rochedale
C00163 Brisbane Chinese Alliance Church 布里斯本華人宣道會 Rochedale
C00150 Chinese Christian Church Brisbane, Ryan 布里斯本華人基督教會懷恩堂 St. Lucia
C00147 Chinese International City Church 國際城市華人教會 Fortitude Valley
C00151 Chinese Methodist Church in Australia Sherwood 布里斯本華人基督教衛理公會-主恩堂 Sherwood
C00156 Evangelical Formosan Church of Rohi Inc 羅以台福基督教會 Runcorn
C00164 LOGOS Gold Coast Chinese Christian Church LOGOS Gold Coast Chinese Christian Church Merrimac
C00161 Rochdale Christian Church 布里斯本華人基督教會樂道堂 Rochedale
C00160 St. Mark Lutheran Church 澳洲信義會聖馬可堂 Mt. Gravatt
C00155 Sunnybank Church of Christ 信心教會 Sunnybank
C00158 Sunnybank District Baptist Church 新利班浸信會 Runcorn
C00159 The Great Commission Church of Australia 基督教大使命教會 Woodridge
C00167 Trinity Lutheran Church Southport 黃金海岸信義會三一堂 South Port
C00152 Windsor Road Baptist Church Windsor Road Baptist Church Red Hill