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Code English Name Chinese Name Suburb
C00028 Agape Christian Church Agape Christian Church Colyton
C00001 All Saints Anglican Nowra All Saints Anglican Nowra Nowra
C00074 Bankstown Anglican Church 聖公會聖保羅堂 Bankstown
C00073 Bankstown Baptist Church 西南區華人浸信會 Panania
C00097 Barney’s Broadway Barney’s Broadway Broadway
C00064 Baulkham Hills Chinese Alliance Church 澳洲雪梨基督教華人宣道會迦南堂 Castle Hill
C00078 Beverly Hills Chinese Baptist Church 比華利山華人浸信會 Beverly Hills
C00060 Blacktown Chinese Christian Church 霹靂鎮華人基督教會 Blacktown
C00223 Bread of Life Christian Church in Central Sydney 中雪梨靈糧堂 North Strathfield
C00014 Bread of Life Christian Church in Northern Sydney 北雪梨靈糧堂 Chatswood
C00002 Cabramatta Anglican Church 卡拉瑪打聖公會 Cabramatta
C00092 Campbelltown Chinese Christian Church 金寶鎮華人基督教會 Ingleburn
C00026 Carlingford Baptist Church 加靈福浸信會 Carlingford
C00027 Carlingford Uniting Church Carlingford Uniting Church Carlingford
C00098 CECA Hagios Church 聖哉基督福音堂 Mortdale
C00099 CECA Logos Church 樂道基督福音堂 Eastwood
C00053 CECA MosaiX Missional Church 使命基督福音堂 Chatswood
C00032 CECA Petra Church 澳洲基督福音堂 Eastwood
C00003 Central Baptist Church 中央浸信會 Sydney
C00094 Central Coast Chinese Christian Church of New South Wales Australia 澳洲中海岸華人基督教會 Gosford
C00029 Chinese and Australian Baptist Church - Thornleigh 華澳浸信會展信堂 Thornleigh
C00024 Chinese and Australian Baptist Church, West Ryde 華澳浸信會展愛堂 West Ryde
C00010 Chinese Christian Church 雪梨華人基督教會 Milson's Point
C00066 Chinese Christian Church Hills District 山區華人基督教會 Glenhaven
C00220 Chinese Presbyterian Church 雪梨華人長老會 Surry Hill
C00016 Christian Assembly of Sydney 悉尼基督徒聚會處 Roseville
C00058 Christian Assembly of Sydney 悉尼基督徒聚會處 Roseville
C00068 Christian Missionary Church 悉尼主恩浸信會 Fairfield
C00022 Crosslife Church Crosslife Church Asquith
C00221 East Sydney Community Christian Church 悉尼東區基督教會 Ranwick
C00062 Evangelical Chinese Church 華人福音教會 North Parramatta
C00041 Evangelical Formosan Church (West Pennant Hills) 聖山台福基督教會 (West Pennant Hills) West Pennant Hills
C00047 Evangelical Formosan Church of Burwood 睦鄰台福基督教會 Burwood
C00007 Evangelical Formosan Church of Maroubra 東雪梨台福教會 Maroubra
C00015 Evangelical Formosan Church of Sydney 雪梨台福基督教會 Willoughby
C00017 Evangelical Free Church of Australia 澳洲基督教播道會靈福堂 East Lindfield
C00019 Gordon Baptist Church 哥頓浸信會 Gordon
C00025 Grace Bread of Life Christian Church in Sydney 雪梨恩典靈糧堂 West Ryde
C00036 Grace Chinese Christian Church 華人恩典基督教會 Kogarah
C00037 GracePoint Chinese Presbyterian Church (Bonnyrigg) 天恩華人長老會 (Bonnyrigg) Bonnyrigg
C00051 Gracepoint Chinese Presbyterian Church (Lidcombe) 天恩華人長老會 (Lidcombe) Lidcombe
C00046 Gracious Glory Christian Church of C&MA, Sydney, Australia 澳洲雪梨宣道會基督恩典堂 Beecroft
C00059 Hebron Chinese Alliance Church 雪梨華人宣道會希伯崙堂 Westmead
C00030 Hills Christian Alliance Church 山區宣道會 Pennant Hills
C00012 Hillsong North Shore Chinese Extension Service 新頌華人教會 St Leonards
C00020 Hornsby Anglican Chinese Church 宏士比華人聖公會 Mount Colah
C00095 Islington Baptist Church Newcastle Islington Baptist Church Newcastle Islington
C00052 Lidcombe Anglican Church 禮勤聖公會 Lidcombe
C00039 Living Stone Evangelical Free Church of Australia 澳洲基督教播道會活石堂 West Pennant Hills
C00065 Living Stone Evangelical Free Church of Australia 澳洲基督教播道會活石堂 West Pennant Hills
C00006 Maroubra Presbyterian Church 麻洛巴基督教長老會 Maroubra
C00035 North Side Chinese Alliance Church 北雪梨華人宣道會 Epping
C00034 Northern District Chinese Christian Church Sydney 北區雪梨華人基督教會 North Epping
C00081 Padstow Chinese Congregational Church 基督教百思道華人公理會 Padstow
C00070 Penrith Chinese Presbyterian Church 彭里斯華人長老會 Penrith
C00088 Penshurst Anglican Church Penshurst聖公會 Penshurst
C00018 Philadephia Anglican Church 聖公會友愛堂 Killara
C00008 Praise Evangelical Free Church of Australia 澳洲基督教播道會頌主堂 Matraville
C00224 Redeemer Methodist Church 澳洲基督教華人衛理公會佳恩堂 Parramatta
C00049 Salvation Army Sydney Chinese Corps 救世軍雪梨華人堂 Burwood
C00077 South-West Evangelical Church 西南區基督教會 Kingsgrove
C00087 St George's Hurstville Anglican Church 好士圍聖公會 Hurstville
C00054 St Mark's Anglican Church 聖公會聖馬可堂 Granville
C00040 St Matthew's Anglican Church 聖公會聖馬太堂 West Pennant Hills
C00013 St Paul's Anglican Church, Chatswood 聖公會聖保羅堂 Chatswood
C00083 St Paul's Anglican Kogarah Church 高嘉華聖保羅聖公會 Kogarah
C00241 St Peter's Anglican Church, Hornsby St Peter's Anglican Church, Hornsby Hornsby
C00038 St Phillip's Eastwood Anglican Church Eastwood 活力聖公會 Eastwood
C00011 St. Basil's Anglican Church 聖公會聖巴素堂 Artarmon
C00061 St. John's Anglican Cathedral 基督教聖公會聖約翰堂 Parramatta
C00222 Sydney Chinese Alliance Church 雪梨華人宣道會 Rockdale
C00009 Sydney Chinese Gospel Church 雪梨華人福音教會 Five Dock
C00089 Sydney Mandarin Christian Church 雪梨華語基督徒會堂 Hurstville
C00199 Sydney South Alliance Church 基督教南雪梨宣道會 Beverly Hills
C00069 Sydwest Asian Christian Church 西雪梨亞洲基督教會 Cabramatta
C00200 The Lakes Church The Lakes Church Tuggerah
C00050 West Sydney Chinese Christian Church 西雪梨華人基督教會 Strathfield
C00057 Western District Chinese Christian Church 西區華人基督教會 Auburn
C00096 Wollongong Baptist Church 五龍崗浸信會 Wollongong