Fellowship Sacred Music

Publishing method

Any Fellowship Sacred Music organizations needs to fill in the Organization Information Form, and email it with promotional text and pictures (JPG) to pastors@mychristianlibrary.org.au. If accepted, the fee is free.

Terms of Acceptance

Any information and publicity pictures sent by Fellowship Sacred Music organizations must accept that this website has the right to decide whether to publish without any explanation


The platform of this website only provides contact, does not guarantee the beliefs of Fellowship Sacred Music organizations and does not bear any responsibility

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Code English Name Chinese Name State
B00119 Australian Christian Lobby Australian Christian Lobby Deakin
B00120 Baptist World Aid Australia Baptist World Aid Australia North Ryde
B00113 Glorious Melody 佳韻音樂事工 Westmead
B00117 Sydney Chinese Association for Sacred Music 雪梨華人聖樂促進會 Liverpool
B00091 Sydney Chinese Christian Churches Association 雪梨華人教會聯會
B00118 The Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES) The Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES) Kingsford